Intuitive Readings


Psychic intuitive readings with channelled spirit guidance. A study of past influences, your present circumstances, challenges and choices and the future outlook. Accurate and in-depth information to provide clarity and information for your path ahead. Can be combined with energy healing.

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Ask and You Shall Receive


A psychic intuitive email reading for answers to specific questions. You can choose a single question reading, or up to 2 or 4 questions.

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Every Photo Tells a Story


An aura photo reading is a study of the energy, colours and information present. Gain insight into character, thoughts, feelings, attitudes and intentions. For relationships, areas of compatibility, growth and connection are looked at.

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Night & Day


Dream Analysis Reading. Dreams contain much hidden helpful symbology. Gain understanding and clarity about the deeper meaning and message behind your dream and how it translates into your everyday life. Email only.

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Energy Healing


Energy healing sessions for mind, body and spirit. Change negative beliefs and clear blocks and limitations to health, success and happiness. Transform unwanted conditions and deep seated issues. In person in London, or by Skype , Viber or phone.

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Distant Healing


Receive powerful distant healing whilst awake or asleep. Also low cost ongoing healing available. These sessions can be focussed around any need or issue.

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Chatter Time


For those who prefer to interact online via Facebook or Skype messenger chat, this is the perfect opportunity to book a single or series of 30/60/90 minute slots. To and fro interchange with psychic healing and guidance given on any topic of your choice.

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Royal Email


A comprehensive email reading for those who cannot or don’t want to talk on the phone and would like a written record of their reading;  Or alternatively an opportunity for an email interchange with a series of communications over a few weeks.

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Aura Dazzle


Clean up your energy field for a brighter and more positive life. This distant aura healing session comes with a written document report. Reduces negativity, enhances positive characteristics, removes auric attachments and karmic blocks and balances and cleanses all the chakras.

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Breakthrough Release


Are you troubled by curses, entities, spells or persistent negative energies?  Do you need healing assistance for spirit attachments or help with cutting ties to past people and situations? Transform, protect and ground your energy with a Breakthrough Release session.

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My Home is my Castle


Does your home or work space need energetic healing? Discordant energies, trapped spirits and negativity from the past and present affect the environment. Cleanse and clear your space for a positive, calm and fresh beginning.

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Gift Donation

Suggested Price: £99.00

I give away many sessions for free or expenses only to certain individuals and to charities. This is an opportunity to donate financially if you would like to support my work, or if you love what I do and would like to contribute. Thank you for your gift.

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Angelic Gardens Gift Package


The Angelic Gift Collection is a combination of readings and healing sessions offered at a great discount. These can be used over a period of weeks/months or at a maximum up to a year.  Perfect for yourself or to give as a special gift.

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Love Heart Package


Love Connection is a package of sessions for all matters of the heart, relationship issues, compatibility, attracting love, transforming family dynamics, cutting past negative ties

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Signature Platinum Package


This Signature Package is the ultimate package for when you need a complete overhaul spiritually, emotionally and physically and need ongoing healing, regular readings, energy clearing and grounding.

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Power Up Package


Power up with a great package of sessions to fast track your goals and manifest your desired outcome. Clear blocks to success and happiness, heal limiting unconscious programs and align yourself with your soul’s destiny.

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