Angelic Gardens

Angelic Gardens is the psychic healing retreat at Palace Angèle. Book a variety of intuitive readings and energy healing sessions and packages. Find out information about everything on offer; from aura consultations, for an in-depth energy reading assessment and photo readings to help you understand relationships and areas of compatibility, to dream analysis and in depth intuitive email readings.

The energy healing sessions repair, cleanse and balance your chakras and energy field, as well as clear resolve and transform deep energy patterns that keep you stuck in negative or unwanted situations.

Topics related to psychic intuitive and healing work are discussed and you will find bio and background information, including training qualifications, experience and details on charity work, as well as a FAQ section.

Angelic Gardens has a wonderful 'Wishing Well'. Discover the free healing area and more about how the wishing well can help you.

Who I am

I grew up in a very artistic household, surrounded by many books and paintings (my half Hungarian mother was a professional artist). Her English father came from a well known theatrical dynasty of writers, playwrights producers and actor/managers. I feel fortunate to have had such a lot of creative, artistic and cultural influences in my family background. My upbringing was quite religious as my sisters and I went to a convent school and we all went to Catholic church every Sunday. I grew to love the beauty, solace and atmosphere of churches from this early time, but found the dogma and rituals confusing and sometimes frightening. Nuns at the convent were very strict and I suffered emotional and mental abuse there. My concept of God and authority became associated for me more with fear than love. There wasn't a 'generational line' of psychics in the family that I knew of, but my Mother was very spiritually minded and was incredibly intuitive and sensitive, as she was artistically gifted. She also suffered deeply from manic depression and frequent bouts of illness and hospitalisation created a bewildering and unstable atmosphere at times. I can't say I had visions as a child or any angels appearing to me, but I did have an acute sensitivity to my environment and would receive strong deep feelings about people, places and situations.

As I grew into my teens and the family went to live in Germany ( due to my fathers job in the American Air Force) and then later to the US, I became involved briefly with the evangelical Christian movement, but then disillusioned, I rebelled against all organised religion and the beliefs of my upbringing, as I felt I couldn't connect emotionally. I became an independent seeker of knowledge, questioning and examining ideas and beliefs and I voraciously read everything I could get my hands on to understand more about life, religion, philosophy and psychology. Early in childhood and then in my late teens I suffered from various serious health ailments and also survived a serious accident as a pedestrian, when a car knocked me down and I was hospitalised for weeks with a fractured skull. My family became estranged through distance and sickness ( my parents now lived in the US ) and so just out of my teens, I became rootless and back on my own in the UK, I went through what seemed like an endless chaotic period of instability, surviving on my wits and suffering what was really a prolonged nervous breakdown, experiencing many harsh realities such as homelessness, assault, abusive relationships, deep isolation, heartbreak, poverty and depression, whilst I tried to find some kind of stable footing in myself. I was always moving and took endless odd jobs, dropping in and out of college, at times to help take care of/deal with very tough family issues, which included looking after my sister's child and dealing with social services.

More grief was to come with the loss of my Mother in a tragic road accident in the US. My spirit was broken. I became interested in resolving and healing my past and developing spiritually. At this time, I began to connect with my intuitive abilities and started to spontaneously be able to give accurate psychic intuitive readings, initially just to friends as I had no desire or intention or plan to do anything else with this gift. I attended an intensive workshop in London on 'Intuition Development' which opened up my awareness. It became natural to start using these skills, so I began to give 'ad hoc' for friends and others. I was very much the 'reluctant psychic' and was conscious of the misunderstanding often around the term 'psychic' and only began to give professional readings after a while. Meanwhile I became involved in acting, performing and singing professionally and studied the performing arts. I hold a postgraduate degree in Theatre/Drama.

Discovering and learning about my intuitive and healing abilities was a step by step approach. I needed to learn to quieten my mind and thoughts through meditation to be able to hear and discern higher guidance. After receiving alternative healing therapies myself to help heal my past and deal with my own issues, I wanted to become a practitioner to help others. I have trained in several processes over a period of time; Vortex Healing ( from the Merlin lineage) Theta Healing/Core Belief Reprogramming ( Advanced Theta Healing practitioner) Soul Clearing ( dowsing with charts and clearing/healing the energy field and several different forms of Reiki including Angelic Reiki.

Although my own journey has involved quite a few traumatic and difficult events, I accept that these experiences have somehow been a necessary part of my soul's journey and they have helped me to understand and relate to many different types of people as well as helped me to have compassion, non judgement and empathy.

I have learnt to connect deep within myself for answers and experience my core spiritual identity which is pure spirit and love and is what is at the heart of all spiritual religions and I am so grateful for that.

What I do

I am a psychic clairvoyant intuitive consultant and empath and energy healer counsellor/therapist.

I am qualified as an advanced certified Theta Healer practitioner, Angelic Reiki healer and Vortex Healing practitioner. I am also an experienced Soul Clearing Healing facilitator.and trained at the College of Psychic Studies on the Advanced Psychic Development course.

Check out some of the other pages and areas for detailed information on sessions, topics and other descriptions.


I have worked for several years with 'The Helios Foundation', a holistic health charity based in Kings Cross, London. The Helios Centre is an independent community organisation, set up to provide HIV sufferers and those from other marginalised and deprived groups, with holistic and alternative health therapies. Therapies at the Helios range from acupuncture and massage to psychotherapy, counselling, spiritual healing and reflexology. Treatments are also offered to specific individuals with chronic physical and emotional/mental health issues.

I have used my psychic intuitive abilities in readings and spiritual energy healing/counselling sessions for a wide range of clients and have worked long term with certain individuals to improve their health on every level.

It has been a privilege to help support and facilitate healing and growth for many living with some of the most difficult health and life challenges.