The Wishing Well

Once upon a time there was a wishing well… Historically in European folklore, wishing wells were thought to be places where any spoken wish would be granted. Water itself was always considered the source of life itself and springs and wells were considered sacred places.

This picture of the wishing well is imbued with healing positive energy and these energies will assist in manifesting your deepest wishes hopes and desires.

Speak aloud your wish. Use positive words in the present tense as though it were already true. Be responsible and careful about what you wish for, asking for your desire to be fulfilled for the good of all and in the best possible way.

Place your wish in the golden bucket and allow the wishing well to take your desire deep down into it’s divine waters of potentiality and creativity and help bring forth your wonderful outcome.

In addition, If you would like your request/desire to be written on a monthly blessings scroll, which will be added to the golden bucket and/or have any positive stories/feedback or experiences with the wishing well, please email me on