Angelic Gardens
Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about services

1. Is it better to have a session in person?

Distance makes no difference with consciousness and its possible to tune in to, connect with and affect the energy field no matter where you are. This means that a reading/ healing over the phone or internet or by photo for example is just as effective as being there in person. Information comes through in the same way and is not dependant on someone being physically present. This principle applies also for distant healing, where the point of focus will be a persons details or photo.

2. Is the future set in stone?

The future is read as the most likely probability from looking at the outcome of the present situation, with decisions that have already been made and the current thoughts, feelings, beliefs, karmic issues and inherited conditioning. The future is not set in stone as such, as there are probabilities, but we do have a soul plan that includes set lessons and challenges and some of the experiences that we have, will then be destined because of this. As we become more conscious and use our free will to make different choices and change our beliefs, then different outcomes are created.

3. What are the benefits of psychic energy healing?

There are so many benefits in having a session. A psychic intuitive consultation can bring guidance and clarity to any area of your life and will look at your past, present and future probabilities. Guidance is given about timings, your choices, the influence of situations and people in your life and insightful and practical help for your best possible path ahead. Your session will help you to connect with your inner knowing and your desires and intentions. Readings can cover any topic from relationships, family dynamics, career, work, business and financial issues to creativity, spiritual growth, personal development, emotional dilemmas and health.

Energy healing sessions can heal and clear karmic blocks to health, success happiness and abundance, resolve past issues, identify and transform negative limited subconscious beliefs, help balance and cleanse your energy field/chakras; enhance positive qualities and balance negative characteristics, heal and balance the emotions, provide relief from stress and anxiety; help understand and heal root causes behind issues and so much more.

Some of the many benefits of healing are better sleep, reduced anxiety, anger, depression and fear, increased self esteem and confidence, clarity and purpose; being able to move forward in life; releasing the past; increased ability to manifest desires and improved health and relationships.

Questions about booking & payments

1. How do I book an appointment ?

You can book all sessions and packages on the sessions page here on the Angelic Gardens site. Payment is made in advance and then arrangements are made by email to set up mutually beneficial dates/times. You will be able to easily pay by debit or credit card via Paypal whether you have a Paypal account or not.

2. What happens if I need to cancel an appointment?

A minimum of 48 hours ( 2 days) notice is needed to cancel an appointment and your session will be rescheduled. A no show or less than 48 hours notice, will incur the full charge for the session, as it means that other plans cannot be made and the time slot will not be able to be filled by someone else.

3. Do you offer any type of discounts ?

Yes, from time to time discounts will be offered on sessions and packages and there will be a voucher code made available for use when booking.

Questions about Angela

1. How would you describe your work and what you do?

I would say that much of this work is a form of spiritual life coaching and it is definitely quite vocational. I see my role as an advisor and counsellor and as a channel and facilitator for moving energy with both the readings and energy healing sessions. I am clairvoyant and usually use a combination of direct knowing, feeling and sensing (clairsentience) and seeing ( psychic vision) when receiving information. Readings can be a source of empowerment and healing and help a person to access the truth and knowledge they need. Energy healing sessions can resolve so many conditions, shift energy on a very deep level and change and resolve deeply held negative beliefs and patterns.

Regarding psychic readings, I don't consider myself to be a fortune teller, because although predictions do come into a reading, they are just a part of the bigger picture. Understanding the past and being empowered in the present is important. I could be more accurately described as a clairvoyant; an intuitive, a mystic, seer and natural healing channel. I am able to tune in with my intuitive gifts and look into the current circumstances, influences and situations present in a persons life and offer guidance, insight and information about their choices ahead. In a reading I do often receive clairvoyant visions and knowing about the future and will relay that information as appropriate.

2. Do your psychic healing gifts conflict with orthodox religions and beliefs?

I do not see a conflict between what I do and religion/belief. I feel that my spiritual gifts of foresight, empathy and knowing are God given and what I do has enhanced and strengthened my faith generally. Healing is a natural ability we all possess. Healing through prayer, meditation and focussed intention is common across all religions. Recent research into cellular science, quantum physics and energy healing shows us that we are all connected to and are part of one energy field.

I have studied several energy healing modalities such as Theta Healing,/Core Belief Reprogramming, Vortex Healing, Reiki/Angelic Reiki and various forms of Soul/Akashic Records Healing. I feel that these processes are wonderful gifts from the Universe to facilitate growth healing and transformation on every level of our mind, body and spirit. These and other healing technologies provide deep knowledge and understanding of universal energy frequencies and the principles under which our human aura/energy fields operate.

As regards readings, some people believe that any psychic and/ or tarot/astrological type work belongs to the 'dark side' and certainly there can be readers and those that use cards or other divining tools who are misleading, so in that respect, in the wrong hands, information can be dangerous. Cards are not in themselves magical, they simply reflect our situation and can be a tool used by a reader to focus the mind. There is in fact strong tarot symbolism imprinted in the architecture of the Vatican. I don't usually use cards for readings, but from time to time I may use Angel cards, if I feel so guided. Although I am not specifically an astrologer, I do sometimes take into account astrological transits as well as numerology analysis when doing comprehensive readings and I use dowsing to confirm and clarify insights and messages. Interestingly, many French cathedrals have astrological signs on their stained glass windows.

With both readings and healing, I go straight to what I believe is the highest source and call upon Gods name/The Creator of all things and Christ when healing and using my abilities. I ask for protection from the Holy Spirit and also believe in angels and spirit guides and recognise their role as messengers. In general, dependency on any kind of reading is unwise and having too frequent readings will block the flow of events as they need to unfold. I also strongly advise people against randomly using something like the Ouija board or taking part in a séance as these things are not to be treated in a light hearted manner or as entertainment. We all have intuition and learning to trust our own hunches and intuitions or 'letting go and letting God' are ways that we are divinely guided, but timely advice from a gifted psychic intuitive can be extremely helpful and healing.

Generals FAQ's

1. Are there books that you can recommend?

Yes, stay posted for further information about some great books for further reading