Life is a Piece of Cake





Well that would be nice, but t’s winter and miserable and your life looks nothing like those delicious cake images online. It’s disheartening, when all these moods, doubts and cake demons keep on at you and you just think…


This kind of thing really can start to stodge things up.

Do any of the following apply to you?

1. You realise that you have been following too many social media cakes for your own good.

2. Your personal cake- o-meter doesn’t register ingredients like scorn, despair and distaste  ( in fact it doesn’t start showing calculations until you’re at a level of contentment,) so you wonder if there will ever be a happy cake for you.

3. You really want to bake a great life cake, but it keeps turning into a non cake like entity creation and no-one recognises what it is, including you.

4. Other cakes are taunting you with their fully baked gorgeousness and some are even offering unhelpful ‘instant  ready style instructions like ‘just add water and stir’.

If you answered YES to one of more, then It’s time to get yourself some serious


These recipe tips may help.

Read ‘The Day I Forgot to Bake’

Stop judging your cake on the basis that it looks like gunk

Say yes to your inner baker

Refuse the trappings of decoration and icing and get back to basics

Gather the ingredients you do have, place in a large bowl and tune in to your ‘higher baker self for instructions

Get out of your own way and accept that your cake knows best

Dialogue with your cake.. talk to your cake and let your cake talk to you..its a two way conversation this baking thing

Remember that the only thing you need to follow is the cake less travelled


Happy Life Baking!

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“It looks like I am just lounging about all the time, but what I am actually doing is synching myself with myself. its about being rather than doing.  I am spending time getting into alignment… Omm..”

Café News

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