Café Angèle is I AM Kingdom's quintessential café tea rooms at Palace Angèle. Enjoy a menu of cosmic recipe treats, inspirational chat, articles and words of wisdom from the resident cat Squash, who often likes to wander about the place, pondering life's mysteries. Keep up to date here also with news on performances at the palace and all the latest posts as well as information and offers from the Angelic Gardens psychic healing retreat.

I have always loved cafés and café life and culture. In the past, I lived abroad and travelled in Europe and here in London I moved home many times. My lifestyle was rootless and unsettled and through many different life situations and experiences, cafés were the places I would gravitate to for a feeling of comfort and inspiration; a cosy place to escape to where I could daydream and reflect; somewhere anonymous, where I could read or work, a place to write in or meet others and enjoy conversation over tea, coffee or food.

My Mother originally came from Hungary and in Budapest, cafés were historically the place where people gathered to not only socialise and eat and drink, but to share news and to discuss events, literature and philosophy. Cafés were essentially the pubs of the day. They represent so many things to me; home, comfort, nourishment, sanctuary, beauty, reflection, inspiration, sharing, companionship, ideas, life, love, laughter and conversation.

Café News is I AM Kingdom's noticeboard. Sit down, have a cup of tea and find out about everything that is going on at Palace Angèle. Performance news, inspirational posts, info and offers on psychic and energy healing sessions in Angelic Gardens and more..
Food for Inspiration brings you a menu of inspirational recipes straight from the soul of the I AM Kingdom.

Take time out for tea at Café Angèle.

Squash is Palace Angele's pedigree Persian cat who likes to wander about sharing his words of wisdom and inspiration through his posts 'Squash Says'. He has his own page @squashcatlondon on Instagram.