I Am Kingdom



The I AM Kingdom represents the divine realm of the infinite spirit in us all and the heritage of each and every one of us.

The great I AM pulsates through everything and at every moment a person’s reality is created through a blend of beliefs, intentions, thoughts and actions…

The words I AM are the healing power of the Universe. It’s the force from which the very universe is made. One of the most powerful affirmations in the world is I AM.

Words have power… sound is vibration.. .everything in life is vibration..

Access the power of I AM. Create a new desired reality.

We are all Kings and Queens of our own kingdoms, sovereign rulers and worthy of the crown.





Image Design: Angela Prince



Squash Cat

Squash says..

“Sometimes it feels like I am in a still life painting. This photo is like that. Maybe my life itself is a work of art..Yes I like that idea! I need to choose my background scenery carefully..”

Café News

Angelic Gardens

Angelic Gardens is the psychic healing retreat in the grounds of Palace Angèle.

Squash Cat

Squash says..

“It looks like I am just lounging about all the time, but what I am actually doing is synching myself with myself. its about being rather than doing.  I am spending time getting into alignment… Omm..”

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