I Am Kingdom



The I AM Kingdom represents the divine realm of the infinite spirit in us all and the heritage of each and every one of us.

The great I AM pulsates through everything and at every moment a person’s reality is created through a blend of beliefs, intentions, thoughts and actions…

The words I AM are the healing power of the Universe. It’s the force from which the very universe is made. One of the most powerful affirmations in the world is I AM.

Words have power… sound is vibration.. .everything in life is vibration..

Access the power of I AM. Create a new desired reality.

We are all Kings and Queens of our own kingdoms, sovereign rulers and worthy of the crown.





Image Design: Angela Prince



Café News

Angelic Gardens

Angelic Gardens is the psychic healing retreat in the grounds of Palace Angèle.

Food for Inspiration


Sometimes it’s time for a little Café rendezvous… with myself.

Squash Cat

Squash says..

“I recently started my first day on Instagram.. I wanted an arty black and white picture of my front paw for my debut portrait, but at the Meow4 Models agency, they wanted to go for a more classic look.”

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