Sometimes it’s time for a little Café rendezvous… with myself. Initially I  just sit and watch the world go by and contemplate what sort of lives various people may have that are in my nearest line of vision; the backdrop to what they are presenting and the interesting picture that is all the people that are gathered separately, yet together at that particular place and time.

Its interesting to look and listen to my surroundings without people knowing that I am doing that… it is an art in itself; maybe good for possible future creative writing ideas.. Sometimes, overhead conversations or snatches of songs being played provide answers to questions I have been asking.

I then start to ponder various situations. I see myself as a character and watch the movie that I am in….How have I cast myself? How have I cast others? What would the outcome be if I play a different role? Who am I being?  Thinking about who I am being, rather than what I am doing, helps me to see if who I am being is aligned to my values.  I do my best to observe rather than judge.

Getting away from my everyday surroundings helps to bring fresh perspective.

I love a Café rendezvous!

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Squash Cat

Squash says..

“Sometimes it feels like I am in a still life painting. This photo is like that. Maybe my life itself is a work of art..Yes I like that idea! I need to choose my background scenery carefully..”

Squash Cat

Squash says..

I really like sleeping sometimes on this  lovely soft purple blanket! Been thinking about what to do when I don’t feel like doing anything? Well you know me.. I like to be inspired, so feeling for the vibes here in regal slender, seems like the best option right now.

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