Angelic Gardens




Angelic Gardens is the psychic healing retreat in the grounds of Palace Angèle.

Accurate psychic intuitive readings are for guidance, clarity and insight in any area of your life. Details given on the situations and people around you and spirit advice on your highest and best possible path ahead. Relevant past, present and future information. Photo readings, spirit communication, In person, phone, email or online chat.

Powerful energy healing treatments are for the mind, body and soul using advanced healing technologies such as Theta/Core Belief Reprogramming, Soul Integration and Angelic Reiki. Spiritual life coaching/counselling, journeying visualisation.

Some of the many issues that energy healing sessions can help with include; confidence, self esteem, anxiety, relationships/family dynamics, emotional issues.

Goal setting, career dilemmas, life purpose/direction, finances. Trauma, depression, resolving the past, spiritual disturbances, health issues Unconscious negative belief patterns, karmic blocks, identifying and clearing root causes and longstanding patterns on a deep soul level. Sessions also assist in spiritual growth, grounding and balancing.

Energy healing cleanses the aura  ( your energy field) and balance thee chakras ( energy centres)  Its like receiving an energy tuneup and will help set you on the path of your highest potential.


Check out the Angelic Gardens website and have a look  at the variety of sessions and packages on offer.



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Food for Inspiration


Sometimes it’s time for a little Café rendezvous… with myself.

Food for Inspiration

Life is a Piece of Cake

LIFE IS A PIECE OF CAKE. Well that would be nice, but t’s winter and miserable and your life looks nothing like those delicious cake images online. It’s disheartening, when all these moods, doubts and cake demons keep on at you and you just think…

Squash Cat

Squash says..

“I hold my head up high. it’s about gaining perspective. Zooming out to the bigger picture before zooming back in. Sometimes it looks like I am just gazing into thin air, but what I am really doing is getting a feel for a good inspiration frequency.”

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