Intuitive Readings



FANTASTIC  OFFER!   33% off single session rate!

Here’s your opportunity to receive an intuitive reading/consultation from a highly experienced and recommended psychic intuitive and energy healer. Book a 60 miinute or 90 minute session at a reduced rate. Sessions can be combined with energy healing processes. In person, (London) or by Skype/Viber/Phone. Limited slots available.  Apply coupon code SOUL at checkout.

Intuitive Readings




Food for Inspiration

A Delicious Choice

Visualisation for Choosing the best Path.

Food for Inspiration


Sometimes it’s time for a little Café rendezvous… with myself.

Squash Cat

Squash says..

“It looks like I am just lounging about all the time, but what I am actually doing is synching myself with myself. its about being rather than doing.  I am spending time getting into alignment… Omm..”

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