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33% Off  single sessions

You would like  a confidential psychic intuitive reading/consultation, but you are unable or would prefer not to meet in person. You don’t want to talk on the phone, but you do like to chat online. You like the interactive communication.

Now on the Angelic Gardens site at Palace Angèle,  you can book 30/60/90 minute slots to chat with me about any issue.  I will link in with your energy and provide you with clarity, insight, spirit guidance and energetic healing downloads. For your 33% discount apply coupon code SOUL at checkout.

Chatter Time



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I Am Kingdom

The I AM Kingdom represents the divine realm of the infinite spirit in us all and the heritage of each and every one of us.

Squash Cat

Squash says..

“I hold my head up high. it’s about gaining perspective. Zooming out to the bigger picture before zooming back in. Sometimes it looks like I am just gazing into thin air, but what I am really doing is getting a feel for a good inspiration frequency.”

Café News

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Drama at the Palace!  Coming soon!

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