” I really enjoyed my reading wiith Angela.  She was able to pick up on a number of details about my personal life and career/business. She offered some valuable guidance and positively predicted a number of events which have since come to pass. Angela is a genuinely gifted psychic and spiritual healer and used her unique abilities to also balance my aura and energy levels. I would definitely recommend her”
Karl Willett, Celebrity Stylist, UK


” I had an amazing reading! It was really in-depth and answered so many questions.  At one point, I gave Angela a photo of someone I had started seeing. She could read his energy and  told me how the relationship would develop, A few months later, things turned out exactly how she had described. ”

Vanessa, Los Angeles, USA


” I contacted Angela because I felt stuck and everything in my life was going around in ever repeating negative circles. Angela challenged me to look critically at every aspect in my life, has boosted my confidence and cleared lots of energetic rubbish that I’ve been carrying around. Nine months later I quit my job and feel like a different person with new ideas about my future path. I’m certainly not stuck anymore and things are moving in new, positive directions. ”

Eva, Manchester, UK


“Angela has an uncanny method to identify areas of your life that need attention. She then proceeds with a form of spiritual spring clean to transform negative beliefs,  let go of past grudges and resolve the underlying issues that hold back your personal growth. Over the course of six months, I did 12 sessions, as a result of which I feel a happier person with a clearer vision of where I’m heading in life ”

Stefan Bourgeois, London, UK


“Amazing that at my first visit to this low-key yet directly insightful and honest spiritual healer – for whom I feel truly blessed to have shown me how to help me help myself – didn’t find me cheeky and throw me out of her comfortable, relaxing work room during our first session. Having made initial contact, I had the audacity to show up at our first encounter and told her straight-out that I was tired of talking and didn’t really feel like revealing much about myself. Next thing I knew, I found myself bawling my eyes out and opening my deepest inner wounds to this calm, patient, sympathetic, understanding complete stranger. I knew I would be back, though I feared discovering just how much damageI I was doing and had done to my weakened spirit.
I found Angela in the Yellow Pages book. I was desperate for immediate attention to the desperate mental state I found myself in during the years following the death of both my parents. Due to transportation and work location, I hoped to find someone locally. ( When I moved further away, I still looked forward to my sessions with Angela.) Having experienced, with little satisfaction all sorts of psychotherapy – marriage, divorce and bereavement counselling – my mind and body knew what was needed was a doing-away with the immense negative weight (or baggage) and a rebalance between positive and negative forces. I’d become a person easily offended, reduced quickly to tears, metering out silent punishment on others, and spending entire days on-end in bed with little or no appetite. I was undergoing medical treatment for lupus and failing eyesight that would eventually lead to blindness, nevertheless I knew that if I could just find a way to pull myself out of self-destructive tendencies, my life would be better; I could control the situations in my life and my reactions to them with better results.
Angela helped me restore a sense of “self”. With her diverse range of healing approaches, she manages to find the perfect gateway to one’s individual soul. Using specialist cards (not tarot) and crystal sensitizers, Angela was able to reduce levels of anxiety, fear, capitulation and despair. You sit opposite her. She never reaches out to touch you. She listens intently; I was always amazed when months later Angela would recount something I had said or offered to share with her, when I had literally forgotten. Angela does not perform to mumbo-jumbo stereotype. She takes her role very seriously; I always felt that she wanted to help me find a way to cope with my life that was the best pathway for me, that I was consciously willing to travel, that I had consciously albeit with her supportive guidance chosen for myself. Angela respects the field of spiritual healing; she takes her work very seriously, constantly researching healing practices and putting them to appropriate, satisfactory instruction. On one particular occasion, Angela’s ability to connect with past souls remind me of her incredible clairvoyant/mediumship skills. It was a discussion about my marriage relationships and she started to interpret my parents’ concern for me since childhood about impressions of romance. She then mentioned something – words taken from my father’s mouth – that I had never spoken of and know that I never revealed to her. I was stunned and warmed in hearing these words, an interpretation of my dad as if he was alive talking to me his grown daughter. When I remarked how extraordinary the moment was, Angela said that as she was relaying these observations (but for me, using words I had heard my dad utter uncannily before) she experienced a nice glow or warmth throughout her body. I won’t say it was a message beyond the grave. I just feel it was very present-day, very spirit-to-spirit. Her face didn’t change. She didn’t take on my father’s voice. Her head didn’t spin around in The Exorcist-fashion! The session ended with me realising the need to shed childish stubbornness towards parental viewpoints. I left recognising the need to be more of an adult but more importantly how to go about being so without losing my own sense of character. How to be patient with myself and appreciate where others are coming from, even if I lack total understanding. My most significant gain has been learning how to live in the now and release dependent immersion upon a past state of mind and being.
When I felt ready to go it alone – that I had regained the balance of positive-negative spiritual energies sought at beginning of our encounters – we decided to end my visits. Angela makes concessions in order to work with you and for you. She is flexible when putting together a timetable commiserate with personal finances and responsibilities. Whereas other psychotherapists might require regular weekly commitment to spiritual progress, Angela is flexible enough to arrange something mutually suitable.
I think Angela’s a fabulous person and feel so lucky that she has shared her healing talents upon my soul. I am in a good place and stronger thanks to Angela’s karmic cleansing!  She will always have a special place in my heart.”

Penny Sedgwick, London, UK


“I have seen Angela on a few occasions, and on each occasion a particular deep-rooted problem/weight/blockage has dropped off. I’ve left feeling lighter and back in touch with the Universe. I was victim to a certain condition, which was deeply distressing: whenever I was a spectator or a performer in a public setting (e.g. theatre, conference, church, concert hall), I would have palpitations, get breathless and almost freak out, feeling as if everything was closing in on me; I would lose the sense of where I was. Since my penultimate session with Angela, I have not had this problem. Hallelujah! Be sure that problems and ailments will be dealt with thoroughly and sincerely still their end.”

Lawrence, London, NW10


Angela is a spiritual counsellor with a varied range of healing techniques, and she customises her sessions to best help you. As well as helping you, her sessions are highly interesting, enabling you find out about your spiritual self and your whole spiritual-setting. If you are reading this and are searching for answers, Angela can set you on your true path. For myself, one of the benefits I have gained from her spiritual guidance is the ability to channel. I have learnt more and more each time about how to gain crucial information and guidance from my deeper self within, and from my own’spiritual data-base’. My sessions with Angela have enabled the easing of trauma and confusion and the release of long-stored emotions.

Steven Saunders, Clapham,  London


” I had a series of readings and healing sessions with Angela. With her psychic abilities, she was able to tune into the root causes behind my physical health issues and resolve them with theta healing and reprogramming my subconscious beliefs. As we worked also with healing and resolving some emotional issues, a lot of positive changes began to occur in my life. I am so glad I got the opportunity to work with Angela ”

Annette, Brighton, UK


“Thanks so much for the reading. Its been so helpful! You told me so many things and gave me a lot of information. I feel clearer now and know now better, what I need to be focussing on.”

Jane, Costa Blanca, Spain


‘ I had a long intensive reading/healing session with Angela just recently. The reading was so accurate and helpful and she worked with me also on releasing/cutting ties with a past relationship. It was brilliant! ”

Patricia, Paris, France